Learn German NOW! - Lernen Sie JETZT Deutsch!


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Don't wait only for your German class, start learning German immediately with your smartphone or tablet!

Please note: Get headphones so you don't disturb people around you. Go outside and repeat loud what you hear in your app-program. Find somebody to learn with. Practise what you learned even with a friend that is not a native speaker (if you don't have native speakers around). You can learn a lot yourself, start NOW! Practise as much as you can!


Speaking German well is the key to integration and will help you find a job: It is your future!


Tell others about these apps and websites as well, please


These are a few good free apps. Add German keyboard as input method in the language settings of your mobile phone. If you don't know how to ask s.b. or look it up in the internet how to do it for your device.

Click it...

  • Duolingo Very useful app! If you can't find German straight away download any language of duolingo and look for Deutsch/German in the menue  
  • Bravolol  Wörterbuch Deutsch....: Words, basic sentences, different themes. With microphone to record your own voice and hear it in comparison to the original. After a few lessons you have to pay or accept adds
  • 50 Sprachen lernen: A third of the material is free. For the basic words and phrases very nice because you can     choose a reference-language out of 50 languages. Check out their website:
  • www.goethe-verlag.com/book2/You can find more phrases and words here. Very good free German course
  • busuu GermanBasic words and sentences. A lot of the program is free but you can also have an upgrade with a monthly fee. (You have to register)
  • memriseGood for learning the vocabulary. This program has a strong social element - you earn points while you learn, you can compete against friends etc. (You have to open a (free) account)
  • google translator: works ok for words, not suitable for sentences
  • Vocabulary trainer app: Learn German on the go 
  • Welcome - learning german for refugees
  • Refugee Phrasebook


There are several German dictionnaries available for free via smartphone or computer


If you have a computer/Mac there are two excellent free complete German courses in the internet which include everything you need:

  1. www.iwdl.de (with videos) (You have  to register to view all the course material)
  2. www.dw.com  (on the website upper corner right: choose your language)  click:  "learn German", than:  "Deutsch Interaktiv", than click: "Hier geht es zum Kurs!" (You have to register to view all the course material)
  3. http://fluechtlingshilfe-muenchen.de/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Fluechtlingshilfe_Deutschheft.pdf: Small booklet with basic German to print out or download on your smartphone


If you know anybody that can't write the ABC there is a free app to learn how to write the letters onto your smartphone (also suitable for children). After having trained the letters on the smartphone try to put them on paper.  

  • Buchstaben schreiben (Trigonom): with Android for free, with Apple 0,99 €

 Good luck! Viel Glück!